Corporate and Social Responsibility


We operate within strict legal and ethical guidelines. These include but are not limited to the Code of Professional Conduct of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and the other professional organisations of which our supply chain and we are members.

We fiercely strive to protect our reputation for honesty and as people our customers, shareholders and other stakeholders can trust and do business with


We recognize that it is in our (and our clients’) commercial interest as well as our social responsibility to develop and operate buildings safely, efficiently and sustainably.

Our commitment is partly demonstrated in that we seek to achieve an ‘excellent’ rating in relation to the industry standard BREEAM system of sustainable development assessment on all new buildings.

The construction industry is making a huge contribution to reducing carbon emissions through more intelligent design, new product development and construction methods. These changes continue to be pushed by increasingly stringent targets set for obtaining Building Regulations approval.

We continue to improve energy use efficiency by increasing the thermal performance, more efficient energy conversion and using renewable energy sources. Using green building guides we are now aware of the relative efficiency of the manufacturing processes for different proprietary products and are able to specify accordingly.

Our mechanical and electrical engineers are continuously developing designs and specifications that meet these challenges to provide our clients with the most robust and cost effective solutions.

The Carbon Trust guides our operations policy in relation to carbon emission.

Equal opportunities

We value and respect the contribution of everyone who works with us. Discrimination in terms of ethnicity, gender or age has no place in our organisation. We try to create an environment where everyone can thrive and reach their full potential so that collectively we are the best we can be.

Information handling

We will not share any information about you without your express permission or use information that you give us for any purpose other than for which it was expressly intended.


We are passionate about providing a safe environment for all the people we work with. Our processes and procedures go beyond our regulatory obligations. Most of these systems are about ensuring that properly qualified people are in-place at the right time with the right materials, equipment and instruction. So that their efforts are co-ordinated and integrated with those of the people around them.

For us this is just good building practice and management for achieving low-risk and predicable outcomes.

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