Our People

Constantly learning organisation

We are constantly striving to learn to do things better, quicker and cheaper and pass these advantages on to you so that we know you are getting the best value service possible.

We are continually learning from our experiences, people we work with, technical courses, seminars, reading and our clients. We have a culture of sharing that learning as much as we can across our project teams and with our clients.

We try to create an environment where everyone can thrive and reach their full potential so that collectively we are the best we can be.


Our supply chain teams and we are all members of the leading professional organisations in our respective fields. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • RICS
  • RIBA
  • ICE
  • CIOB

Our supply chain members have all been scrutinised for their financial and technical competence.


The Team have been working in specialist medical and surgical and particularly veterinary environments for many years. This experience saves a lot of time and expense for everybody. It also delivers huge efficiencies from relatively small changes that are only gained through this hard won experience.

Working together

We have all worked together on projects before and so are able to capitalise on our particular strengths. We are all experienced at working in teams on capital projects and so are familiar with the time and cost disciplines and the high standards that are expected of us.

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