We design, build and operate veterinary premises.

The regulatory framework that surrounds commercial construction work and the ever-increasing ambitions of clients and wider society means that simply ‘putting one brick on another’ is not enough to deliver a successful veterinary building project

Our service is tailored to the veterinary profession. This saves our clients a lot of time, effort and risk that would be spent helping more generic providers interpret their industry specific needs.

We have in response to our clients needs, developed a range of services around our core construction work. Our core knowledge is shared through all the disciplines and stages of the project to get you the best product and delivery, at the most competitive price.


We will work with you to develop a brief for your project that can be, for example, a replacement reception desk through to a migration from an old building to a new purpose built surgery

We will work up layouts that respond to your aspirations, working within the site constraints, opportunities and budget. This process is iterative and usually involves several reinterpretations and budgets.

We will check that the site infrastructure such as drains, electricity and gas supplies, etc. is adequate. Whether all the consent and approvals such as party wall, rights of light, planning etc. are reasonably achievable. We will liaise with all the relevant stakeholders and statutory authorities.


We understand the way you work and the best configuration of rooms to achieve a comfortable and efficient working environment.

We also have a well-researched and experienced knowledge of the finishes and products that are best able to meet the different performance standards required in a modern clinical environment

We can provide you with a tailored and integrated design service. Equally, we are happy to work with your preferred designers and advisors to provide the construction services.

In all circumstances we work proactively and constructively to achieve the best outcomes for you. Providing practical input about the ‘buildability’ and specification alternatives and implications on cost and programme as the design evolves.

We will develop with you styles that you like and fit with your branding ethos. We often produce style boards, 3D imaging and site referencing to support our ideas.


Several types of surveys are often needed for commercial building projects. We are experienced at honing the scope and procurement of these reports to that that is entirely necessary and useful.  These might include, measured surveys of existing buildings and sites; topographical information; soil; protected species and habitats; asbestos; historic buildings and archaeological.


We have in-house professional planning and development expertise and keep up to date with the constantly changing planning rules. We understand how these changes might affect you for better or worse and will guide you through the approval process with realist expectations while maximising the planning potential.

Building regulations

Building Regulation approval will be needed on most projects. We will advise on the best route to obtain these approvals. We will develop the detailed designs to ensure that we make the building in the most cost effective and efficient way to achieve its energy performance target.

We will attend the inspections that are made through the build period to check that we are conforming to the agreed plans and specifications.

Energy performance

We are continuously developing our ability to meet the challenge of increasingly onerous targets for reduced energy consumption and carbon emissions through more intelligent design, new product development and construction methods.

Our team of mechanical and electrical engineers are fully qualified, experienced and registered with their leading professional organisations. They will evolve the design to ensure that it is likely to meet energy assessment modelling criteria imposed by Building Control.

Structural engineering

The development of a robust and efficient structural engineering solution is central to the design development and can have significant impact on cost and programme. We are aware of the products and methods that are constantly being developed and edit the solutions considered by the engineers to ensure the design is the most workable and cost effective.


Our team of experienced trades, managers and designers will come together on site to construct your project in the most efficient and effective way. Working to a common plan we will deliver your scheme smoothly, calmly and predictably.

We have a team of trades that are experienced at working with veterinarians and with practices that need to stay open through the build period. We work with you to develop methods and phasing that minimise the disruption caused by noise and dust.

In our operations we are respectful of your neighbours and conscious that your reputation in the local community might be affected by our conduct. We operate strict site rules about hours for making noise, the use of radios, appearance and conduct.

Throughout the project we work to ensure that the delivery of third party providers, such as the utility companies is co-ordinated with the overall project programme.

The site teamwork is carefully co-ordinated to get the most efficient and best quality delivery. The trades are briefed at the start of each day on what they and the other trades are doing and and to ensure they have the right equipment and materials.

The site team is carefully monitored and where necessary work is corrected to ensure that we hand you a product that accords with the designs and specifications and one we can all be proud of.

Asbestos and other land contaminants

In the event that any contaminants are found in the building such as asbestos or in the ground such as Japanese Knotweed, we are able to arrange for proper removal and obtain the paperwork to the satisfaction of building control and your lenders.

Cost and project Management

Through the construction phase we will hold regular project meetings to review progress against the programme and budget.

At the review meetings we will also decide on any changes to the original specification and design. These will be costed and agreed with you before the work is done.

Clearly communicating these additions and omissions to the baseline cost, at the time, allows you to manage your budget as you go. Rather than get landed with an unexpected bill at the end.

Post completion checks

We will return to site usually at periods of 3, 6 and 12 months to check that everything is still working correctly.


We are passionate about providing a safe environment for all the people we work with.  Our processes and procedures go beyond our regulatory obligations.

Most of these systems are about ensuring that properly qualified people are in-place at the right time with the right materials, equipment and instruction so that their efforts are co-ordinated and integrated with those of the people around them.

For us this is just good building practice and management for achieving low-risk and predicable outcomes.


Most projects are governed by The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM). Building sites are potentially very dangerous places and the HSE holds clients ultimately responsible for any accidents.

We carefully manage a process to pass this liability to the person that is best able to manage the risk. These processes are carefully planned and managed with a CDM advisor whose appointment on your behalf is a statutory requirement.

We produce Pre construction and construction phase Health and Safety Plans which include the relevant risks and how they are to be mitigated and managed.

When the work is complete we put together files that contains details about the operation and design of the building. These will:

  • Make it easier and safer for people coming to do subsequent maintenance or repair.
  • Set out the planned maintenance and replacement cycles such as boiler servicing etc.
  • Contain useful information bout the fire alarm and security systems
  • And other information that we feel will be useful to you when running the building
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